Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am just an ant.

People watching. Campus is so large. people are everywhere. and here I am unseen. unnoticed. just there drifting far away. how many else are out there... feeling alone. If you're alone don't spend another minute being silent. speak. let the world know who you are. We are captains of our happiness so rather than standing around... create it. I am creating my happiness by speaking and acting now. I hope you can do the same. I hope you're not afraid to smile, to laugh, to sing, to give another your heart, to get hurt, to love, and to perhaps even lose everything. I know for myself I'd rather take the risk then wonder for the rest of my life.... We have nothing to fear if we put our trust in our Heavenly Father, He knows us. He loves us. And He wants the best for us.

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