Sunday, September 11, 2011

thinking is hard while twitterpated.

I promise the following youtube clip will NOT LET YOU DOWN....IT IS THE BEST.

 Happiness is wrapping its way around me. I am feeling whole and in a sense...complete.

Don't run away...
And it's hard to love again,
When the only way it's been,
When the only love you know,
Just walked away...
If it's something that you want,
Darling you don't have to run,
You don't have to go ...

I am in love with this song. I may or may not have had it on replay for the past hour. I will not share the reasons for the repeated playing of this song... the title of my post should heed enough attention as to what and why this is happening.  Did I mention I love bowling and baking.

my bestest friend.

family :)
true wolverines
my girls
jason derulo concert

Volunteering for "the Stand To cure MS" 

rascal flatts concert

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