Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Times have changed. I feel like while growing up I had a next step to take... A step I could make on my own and one I had everything I would need to be successful. I knew where my decisions would take me. I look out in my future and it still seems very unknown... I feel like I have climbed as high as I know how to. And I am in some sort of waiting place. By waiting place I don't mean to be inactive, to stop life but rather to "to look forward to eagerly"... A place full of endless opportunities but ones I just don't know where they will take me. They are all great options these include to go on a study abroad to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. To go on a mission. Continue with school. 

Lately, I've been reading The Matched Triology

Where their society matches the children to their best match to marry. Sometime I wish I was Matched. That this wait would be over. But then I realize Love isn't that easy. Love is found along the journey. Love is found in this waiting place. 

In this waiting place my cousin Lauren Claire and I

have decided to create a waiting list bucket. A bucketful of things we want to do before this wait is over.

1. Road Trip to California

2.Learn to play the guitar

3.Learn to make Ice Cream

4.Send a message in a bottle

5.Join a bowling League

6.Complete a Journal

7.Get in shape

8. Write a song 

9. Have our own stars

10. Take a homeless person out to dinner

11. Have a mud fight

12. Run a half marathon

13. Make a quilt

14. Light off Lanterns with wishes on them

15. carve our names in a tree

16.Write letters to ourselves to open in five years

This is the beginning to a new step in life
one of progressing and becoming.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

the journey.

This week has been full of tests. Let me clarify, Final Exams. Yikes! and.... yes i should be studying for Pdbio 305 but I am taking a breather because my head is aching. Literally it aches. 

        during my break I decided to read through my journal and I found this quote:
"everything, everyone does is so they will be loved"

how true this statement is. 
my biggest mistakes happened because i wanted to be loved.
but so did my biggest successes.

love is a gift we all possess.
some choose to guard it. some give it freely. some do a bit of both.
maybe today is the day you decide:  to not be so scared, to let your guard down, to let things happen, to let people in, to use that gift.  

don't let today be another day where you didn't let those you love, know. 

 to the best siblings and parents in the world I love each of you. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


Why not get a little more behind in my homework so I can blog about my past few months...

My straight forewardness self analysis:

I'm a picky eater. I judge people too quickly. When I tell a story I use the word "like" way to much.
I'm scared to death to date someone seriously. I pretend I'm not hurt even when I am. I wish when someone said lets start over they meant it....
And lastly I find a song that I like and I listen to it over and over again...

Here is this weeks song:

Summer turns to fall and fall to winter and winter to spring and finally spring to summer...

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.

Change will come its inevitable. Why then do we try to avoid the unavoidable...Why spend the time fighting change when we can spend the time embracing it. It can be scary to embark in the unknown but its necessary for progress.

When we choose to accept Christ we are accepting to change. As we begin changing our ways from bad to good and then from good to best we are beginning to be more like Christ. How great it is to know that I can become like Christ. How comforting to know that he knows and understands me. For those who don't know this I challenge you to come to know and believe this. Change your focus, better yet, change your focus to Christ.

Fill someone's bucket... http://www.amazon.com/dp/0978507517/ref=rdr_ext_tmb
This children story is amazing. Happiness is simple.
How a sweet smile from a passerby can brighten your day. Be that smile for someone else.
Fill someone's bucket... Christ would :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

thinking is hard while twitterpated.

I promise the following youtube clip will NOT LET YOU DOWN....IT IS THE BEST.

 Happiness is wrapping its way around me. I am feeling whole and in a sense...complete.

Don't run away...
And it's hard to love again,
When the only way it's been,
When the only love you know,
Just walked away...
If it's something that you want,
Darling you don't have to run,
You don't have to go ...

I am in love with this song. I may or may not have had it on replay for the past hour. I will not share the reasons for the repeated playing of this song... the title of my post should heed enough attention as to what and why this is happening.  Did I mention I love bowling and baking.

my bestest friend.

family :)
true wolverines
my girls
jason derulo concert

Volunteering for "the Stand To cure MS" 

rascal flatts concert

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am just an ant.

People watching. Campus is so large. people are everywhere. and here I am unseen. unnoticed. just there drifting far away. how many else are out there... feeling alone. If you're alone don't spend another minute being silent. speak. let the world know who you are. We are captains of our happiness so rather than standing around... create it. I am creating my happiness by speaking and acting now. I hope you can do the same. I hope you're not afraid to smile, to laugh, to sing, to give another your heart, to get hurt, to love, and to perhaps even lose everything. I know for myself I'd rather take the risk then wonder for the rest of my life.... We have nothing to fear if we put our trust in our Heavenly Father, He knows us. He loves us. And He wants the best for us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As of lately I feel old... could it possibly be the fact that I am now twenty... or maybe perhaps with what I have filled my time with... I guess be your own judge... just don't judge me:)

 August hit and I thought hmm I've always wanted to learn how to quilt... so why not? I went to the expert: my cute lil grandma.  At first I was thinking she would sit by my side THE ENTIRE TIME... little did I know that I was pretty much on my own once she had taught me each of the four patterns. So yes I pulled out my sewing machine I had begged for Christmas 12 years back and got to work.. I can now say I have full appreciation for all the quilts I have seen made. WOW! are they beasts to create... not gonna lie, I enjoyed getting back to my sewing roots. I even listened to the amazing book
"The Help" while I sewed. Now I am gonna ship it off to get a cute pattern quilted on it. Can't wait to see the fully completed project!

I love peaches and more specifically peach smoothies... and with the new college year around the corner I thought I would get a head start with my cooking and what better way than canned peaches?
I may or may not have made 50 containers of Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blackberry Jam.

Temple visits have become a weekly habit. I enjoy doing baptism for the dead... and listening to the workers comment on my "pretty toes" :)

As of Lately: While in Utah I came across a book about being happy.... if you know me and my dirty reading habits (I wish I could read all day everyday) I quickly scanned the book... and from what I gathered from the first chapter is as follwed:
1.) Happiness comes in many forms. 2.) *Find the things in life that make you happy and do them*

The second one hit me hard. I quickly thought about a lot of my choices I had made over the past months and how a lot of them hadn't made me happy but rather others. I am the only one to blame for not taking charge of my life and doing the things that make me happy. This brings me to my point... I am going to be living for me, making choices for me, and doing the things that make me happy. Whether that consists of temple marathons, riding my bike for hours at end, running my little heart out, sewing for countless hours, canning peaches or making jam. I am creating my happiness.

*wherever you go, go with all of your heart*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It has been a while...

I sit here and don't even know where to begin. These past few months have been filled with lots of beginnings and lots of endings. Simply put, I fell in love with the idea of love. I thought I had lost my way in life but soon realized I was merely finding my way in life.... Little did I know my perfect planned out life wasn't going to work exactly how I had planned it and yes I was dumb enough to believe it would.

I ended my freshman year of college and boy was it (words can't describe) how wonderful it really was... but maybe a few pictures can!

This was in fact during finals week.... we decided to take a break from studying and head to gretch's for a mud fight

Although this photo is a lil nappy of just about everyone... I love it because it is the only photo I have of every single one of my best friends...oh and an added bonus Sammy himself (owner of the wonderful Sammy's) and Benton Paul (a singer) : Wade Wade, Madison, Calvin, Demarie, Camille, Taylor, and Nick.
Ceren's Jr. Miss pageant :)
I could probably create a 4 page blog just about this night. I'll make it quick though. J-lo (jake a really good high school buddy) came to visit me at byu. We went to Sammy's only to find a pretty awesome concert being held outside. Then we decided to show J-lo around campus and of course statue pictures were a must. Then we went into the Library where none other than Jimmer himself(cardboard version) was there. We quickly came to the conclusion to simply take Jimmer around out on the town. He had been in the library for months without a  breath of fresh air. Needless did I know the security guards would swarm Jake like he had killed someone... they soon begin to question him and boy was he quick to lie. (I do not recommend this) I say he should have just outrun the security guards... They were guarding the Library it's not like they were in tip top shape... But he stood around and Jimmer was returned to his spot. It was time to take Jake back to his dad as we drove I noticed a horrible sound coming from my car. We pulled over only to notice a flat... and a sign that read:

Yes we in fact had been Jimmered. That flat was the death of me it took three men to try, a few trips to some hardware and tire stores, and a faithful tay to finally fix that lovely custom tire. GAY. I hate my snow tires :) 

Spring break a thing BYU does not have but I desperately needed...
I first took a stop in California to visit my boyfriend and his family at the time.
This is all the fam in Cabo
Para-sailing in Cabo 

Zip Lining in the Jungle of Puerto Vallarta

Beginning of SUMMER:) (a few highlights)
Nick's Graduation:)
campfires with the lil brothers
watching my best friend/cousin compete in Miss Utah
Visited Lagoon
4th of July
Swimming at Ross Park
Date night to Kansas Concert!
Goodbye to all my best guy friends on missions:)
Tay- Tay
Baby Todders

With every ending brings a new beginning and boy am I excited for the happiness it will bring:)