Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Times have changed. I feel like while growing up I had a next step to take... A step I could make on my own and one I had everything I would need to be successful. I knew where my decisions would take me. I look out in my future and it still seems very unknown... I feel like I have climbed as high as I know how to. And I am in some sort of waiting place. By waiting place I don't mean to be inactive, to stop life but rather to "to look forward to eagerly"... A place full of endless opportunities but ones I just don't know where they will take me. They are all great options these include to go on a study abroad to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. To go on a mission. Continue with school. 

Lately, I've been reading The Matched Triology

Where their society matches the children to their best match to marry. Sometime I wish I was Matched. That this wait would be over. But then I realize Love isn't that easy. Love is found along the journey. Love is found in this waiting place. 

In this waiting place my cousin Lauren Claire and I

have decided to create a waiting list bucket. A bucketful of things we want to do before this wait is over.

1. Road Trip to California

2.Learn to play the guitar

3.Learn to make Ice Cream

4.Send a message in a bottle

5.Join a bowling League

6.Complete a Journal

7.Get in shape

8. Write a song 

9. Have our own stars

10. Take a homeless person out to dinner

11. Have a mud fight

12. Run a half marathon

13. Make a quilt

14. Light off Lanterns with wishes on them

15. carve our names in a tree

16.Write letters to ourselves to open in five years

This is the beginning to a new step in life
one of progressing and becoming.


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