Thursday, December 15, 2011

the journey.

This week has been full of tests. Let me clarify, Final Exams. Yikes! and.... yes i should be studying for Pdbio 305 but I am taking a breather because my head is aching. Literally it aches. 

        during my break I decided to read through my journal and I found this quote:
"everything, everyone does is so they will be loved"

how true this statement is. 
my biggest mistakes happened because i wanted to be loved.
but so did my biggest successes.

love is a gift we all possess.
some choose to guard it. some give it freely. some do a bit of both.
maybe today is the day you decide:  to not be so scared, to let your guard down, to let things happen, to let people in, to use that gift.  

don't let today be another day where you didn't let those you love, know. 

 to the best siblings and parents in the world I love each of you. 

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