Thursday, July 14, 2011

It has been a while...

I sit here and don't even know where to begin. These past few months have been filled with lots of beginnings and lots of endings. Simply put, I fell in love with the idea of love. I thought I had lost my way in life but soon realized I was merely finding my way in life.... Little did I know my perfect planned out life wasn't going to work exactly how I had planned it and yes I was dumb enough to believe it would.

I ended my freshman year of college and boy was it (words can't describe) how wonderful it really was... but maybe a few pictures can!

This was in fact during finals week.... we decided to take a break from studying and head to gretch's for a mud fight

Although this photo is a lil nappy of just about everyone... I love it because it is the only photo I have of every single one of my best friends...oh and an added bonus Sammy himself (owner of the wonderful Sammy's) and Benton Paul (a singer) : Wade Wade, Madison, Calvin, Demarie, Camille, Taylor, and Nick.
Ceren's Jr. Miss pageant :)
I could probably create a 4 page blog just about this night. I'll make it quick though. J-lo (jake a really good high school buddy) came to visit me at byu. We went to Sammy's only to find a pretty awesome concert being held outside. Then we decided to show J-lo around campus and of course statue pictures were a must. Then we went into the Library where none other than Jimmer himself(cardboard version) was there. We quickly came to the conclusion to simply take Jimmer around out on the town. He had been in the library for months without a  breath of fresh air. Needless did I know the security guards would swarm Jake like he had killed someone... they soon begin to question him and boy was he quick to lie. (I do not recommend this) I say he should have just outrun the security guards... They were guarding the Library it's not like they were in tip top shape... But he stood around and Jimmer was returned to his spot. It was time to take Jake back to his dad as we drove I noticed a horrible sound coming from my car. We pulled over only to notice a flat... and a sign that read:

Yes we in fact had been Jimmered. That flat was the death of me it took three men to try, a few trips to some hardware and tire stores, and a faithful tay to finally fix that lovely custom tire. GAY. I hate my snow tires :) 

Spring break a thing BYU does not have but I desperately needed...
I first took a stop in California to visit my boyfriend and his family at the time.
This is all the fam in Cabo
Para-sailing in Cabo 

Zip Lining in the Jungle of Puerto Vallarta

Beginning of SUMMER:) (a few highlights)
Nick's Graduation:)
campfires with the lil brothers
watching my best friend/cousin compete in Miss Utah
Visited Lagoon
4th of July
Swimming at Ross Park
Date night to Kansas Concert!
Goodbye to all my best guy friends on missions:)
Tay- Tay
Baby Todders

With every ending brings a new beginning and boy am I excited for the happiness it will bring:)

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