Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since I was a child... I HAVE LIVED TO PRANK.

I can remember in fourth grade my teachers breath smelled of coffee... me hating it decided to "fix" the problem... I took what I thought to believe a great idea.. a whole tube of toothpaste and listerine!!! I mixed it in with the rotten coffee hoping to fix the smell of her breath... needless to say the boys in the class weren't allowed out to recess that day:)     (it is days like this that I'm glad people are sexist.) 

One of My lastest prank... 
Well at BYU we have these RA's(resident assistants)- they are the older person over the entire hall of freshman kids- so I was on a date with a boy from the ward. We were doing a picture scavenger hunt...Charlie the boy's RA had made the list up for the date and at the bottom had included his number if we had any questions. While waiting for the other group to arrive at the ending spot...I figured a quick prank call to Charlie wouldn't do any harm. I begin the call with introducing myself as Fiona from Disney.. I begin to tell Charlie that he was in the top five for becoming the next DISNEY PRINCE.. and boy was he excited. I recieved five or six calls from him after this one prank call wanting to know more information... guess I forgot the old pranking *67 trick. 

This year I dressed up like beth and my friend was dog from DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.. or you could say we were B.D's (bad dudes) or bikers..

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