Monday, October 25, 2010

Bowlings with my guy friends at byu
(Wade, Chase, Camille, and Nick)

This is my first blog. Its October 25th 2010
Life is super busy... I shouid be doing homework and such but I got this great idea to start a blog. 
This past weekend I spent with my cousin Lauren. We created SURPRISES for our best friends.. Which I can't describe on here until a later date (in case camille actually reads this) but we spent well over ten hours on these creative little buggers... . 
Lauren and I during our adventurous weekend!

"everything you are learning now is preparing you for something else"
Today while volunteering at an elementary school (I'm teaching an open airways asthma course) a little boy stole my phone and added himself as my friend on facebook... he relunctantly couldn't believe I wasn't married at 19 and was going to BYU. After telling him that I was indeed not married. He turned to me and said maybe cause it looks like your 12.... FABULOUS! 

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  1. yes i read this.... :) im your stalker duh! but this is the first time i have looked! i dont need a surprise you freako freak show!! i love and miss you and p.s. i have wanted to start a blog forever ago!!! maybe i will... after all our lives are stalk worthy :) love you!